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We are Here, Don't Forget Us. (Group Exhibition) Little Haiti, FL

Gentrification is a word I hear daily. I remembered when my father was living at the time, there was a bowling alley that he used to take me to every weekend. After we play a game or two, we get a slice of pizza. In 2000, the bowling alley was closed and then shifted into a church. Years later, it becomes a private clinic. The rapid effects of gentrification erased that part of history in my childhood.




Documenting the issues of gentrification happening in small communities such as Little Haiti gives me awareness that it is still happening today. Major corporations forcing residents out of the neighborhood is something I cannot imagine knowing that they are stealing their community away from them. I know what it is like to move from neighborhood to neighborhood. My intention was to understand the cultural identity in the neighborhood and to capture a sense of how they are able to traverse through the constant gentrification.

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