About Demetri Von Di

Born in Miami, Florida. 1988.






Known as Donelric Owens, he has always been fascinated by drawing illustrations and comics. Although he only experienced drawing for over 15 years, he made the decision to get out of his comfort zone and take in another medium which is photography. He graduated at Florida International University with a Bachelors degree in Art History and a Masters Degree in Visual Arts, specializing in Photography and printmaking. The intention with Donelric using these mediums is to imagine entering a space where people of color such as himself are underrepresented and don't belong in any community. Between the two mediums, it was to create a reduction effect of a photograph, much like the same results of seeing a vintage print deteriorate.  His work can be based on anything that can be unusual, whimsical, random, or environmental when he takes a photo. Donelric tries to look past the obvious, observe closely and engage with his subject as much as he can, giving the celebration of the human. The process can be at the spur of a moment if he don’t think about the technical aspects of framing. Whatever the scenery is, he finds the beauty in a cluttered neighborhood, or an isolated one. 



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